See new error-proofing concept animations from Atlas Copco

Atlas Copco has released two new animation videos that highlight the benefits of error-proofing production processes. Advances in Industry 4.0 manufacturing concepts have led to an increase in the use of software to error-proof plant floor processes. Error-proofing software uses a variety of methods to improve assembly operations, including providing dynamic work instructions for operators, and by interacting with other error-proofing devices in a station to ensure that the correct parts are being assembled by the correct person, with the right tool, and at the right time.

The first animation available on YouTube focuses on Atlas Copco’s SQS3 software, and how it can reduce downtime and rework. The video highlights a plant with a high amount of product variation. This variation contributes greatly to downtime and rework, as the options to be installed on each product can be confusing for operators and easy to mix up. Simplifying processes for operators by transitioning away from printed work instructions or complex PLC-based error-proofing solutions is a proven method for reducing downtime and rework because human error accounts for a large percentage of issues in plants. SQS3 software from Atlas Copco can act as an error-proofing hub in an assembly station, showing the operator the correct process to follow and not allowing them to deviate.

ToolsNet Rework

Video: Gain control and traceability of rework and repair process with SQS ToolsNet Rework

Our second animation, also available on YouTube, delves deeper into rework operations, and how those processes can be improved by using error-proofing software. In the case of rework, it is often difficult for an operator to know what on a product needs rework. This can lead to an inefficient process, where operators are reworking more than they need to, just to make sure they are solving a problem. Rework processes also often stand alone in manufacturing facilities, with no data collection for assembly work done in rework stations, even for critical fasteners. ToolsNet Rework from Atlas Copco solves these issues. Built on the foundation of our ToolsNet 8 data collection and analysis software, ToolsNet Rework will query the ToolsNet database for a specific part in the rework station. If ToolsNet Rework finds NOK tightenings in the database for that part, work instructions for the specific operation that were not completed correctly will be shown to the operator, and a tool will be enabled to rework that operation only. Once the rework is complete, the rework data is stored in ToolsNet 8, right alongside the original production data.

If you would like any additional information on these error-proofing solutions, please view the videos on YouTube, or contact Atlas Copco today!