Enhance your press operations with PST Workstation Solutions

Atlas Copco produces the most innovative and user-friendly press assembly tool on the market, the PST. The PST press system is advanced enough for the most critical applications, precise enough to detect even the slightest variance in a process, and Press_Photo.pngpowerful enough for up to 100 kN of press force… that’s over 22,000 lbs. of applied force! But did you know that alongside our state-of-the-art press tool system, we offer a comprehensive selection of workstation options?

Before we get into the solutions, it is important to mention that many issues can arise without the optimal station design for press tool operations. These issues include: workstation inefficiencies, operation difficulty, insufficient space for the workpiece, incorrect part clearances and increased time to complete the assembly process. Overall, it is a proven fact that improper integration of an intelligent press tool can greatly diminish the value that the tooling itself provides. As the global experts in press technique, why not choose Atlas Copco for your entire workstation needs? Our PST Workstation Solutions will overcome these challenges and provide you with the most robust and sustainable solution for your application.

Our line of PST Workstation Solutions is catered to applications of all shapes and sizes. We can offer a small and lightweight Handheld C-Frame with suspension from virtually any type of existing overhead structure, for a lean-minded, operator-friendly, easy-to-access press tool. For bench-top applications, we offer compact C-Frames and Two-Column Frames in various sizes that provide a low profile and robust reaction surface with a large working area and easy accessibility. We can greatly reduce the station footprint in combination with our Component Mounting System for a stationary or mobile all-in-one press station. Finally, for ultimate flexibility and productivity, we offer the freestanding Multi-Process H-Frame, which can be fully customized with a variety of accessories to error-proof your process, including optional Stacklight, Operator Panel, touchscreen HMI, adjustable height part table, lift assist, and more. In addition, the Multi-Process H-Frame can be outfitted with a wide range of safety devices, including light curtains and palm buttons for two-hand anti-tie down operation.

A key benefit of PST Workstation Solutions is commonality. All PST Workstation Solutions are based on standard global designs. This allows Atlas Copco’s Application Centers to provide the same base-level workstation to customers anywhere in the world, minimizing overall design time while having the ability to customize each solution to the precise needs of the application. All PST Workstation Solutions are designed and built specifically around the capabilities of the PST tool, ensuring that our customers realize the maximum value and benefits of the PST system.

We invite you to watch this video for a short introduction to PST Workstation Solutions and how Atlas Copco can help transform your press processes. Interested in learning more? Contact us today for a demo of PST!