Quality Assurance isn’t only about torque

The quality of any produced good is surely the quality of its assembly, but quality goes beyond that. A customer would expect a new product to be perfect. No scratches, no bumps, and all the parts working correctly. Today, these inspections are typically done with pen and paper. This leads to large paper archives and data that’s impossible to retrieve, not to mention all the misunderstandings related toSTpad poor writing.

Atlas Copco’s solution is the solution ready for the new world of Industry 4.0. With the STpad, operators can run torque inspections, along with visual inspections. Operator mistakes will be reduced by guiding them with pictures and text. During the inspection, the STpad can be used to scan the VIN number of a vehicle and also to take pictures to document the eventual quality issues found. Quality Managers will highly benefit from this solution, thanks to the integration with Atlas Copco’s QA Supervisor. From its web based user interface, Quality Managers will be able to manage the operators’ routes, quickly find the inspection results and create quality reports.

STpad and QA Supervisor combined are the solution for all quality inspections in the Industry 4.0 world. Visit our QA Platform 4.0 webpages to learn more and schedule your Industry 4.0 evaluation.


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