Tensor SR31 has it all – the unrivaled low reaction pistol tool

On high-volume assembly lines, the need for ergonomic, efficient and smart torque tools has never been more important. In many cases, pneumatic pulse tools are chosen for their low reaction force on the operator, but there are numerous drawbacks with this type of tooling. Pulse tools are known for being heavy and noisy with excessive vibration levels, and have an overall higher total cost of ownership than electric direct-driven tools. In many cases, pulse tools often fall short of accuracy requirements in critical applications, and they are unable to communicate with higher-level line control and error-proofing systems.Tensor SR31 Tool

This is where Atlas Copco’s Tensor SR31 comes in. An ideal solution for hard to medium-hard joints in applications up to 25 Nm, the transducerized SR31 pistol-grip electric tool combines the speed and one-handed operation of a pulse tool with the ease of use, accuracy and traceability of an electric tool. How is this possible? The primary benefit of the SR31 is the ability to run Atlas Copco’s groundbreaking TurboTight strategy, which minimizes reaction force felt by the operator and shortens the overall tightening cycle. Your operators will appreciate this lightweight tool and its high rundown speeds, quiet operation and no vibration.

In addition to its ergonomic and productivity benefits, the Tensor SR31 is truly a smart connected tool. Combined with the Power Focus 6000 controller as the hub of the tightening system, your quality and productivity will reach new levels thanks to the many advanced features and capabilities of the Power Focus 6000 platform. The plug-and-play simplicity of a corded electric tool means the SR31 can be programmed and optimized for your application in a matter of minutes.

All these factors combined make the SR31 an ideal pulse tool replacement in applications requiring higher accuracy, traceability, flexibility and operator-friendliness.

Choose Tensor SR31 and watch your productivity take off! Contact us today for a demo.