Optimize your press assembly process with the help of Press Theory Seminar Series from Atlas Copco

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As a world-class partner in helping our customers achieve their assembly goals, Atlas Copco prides itself on possessing an unmatched level of application experience and practical knowledge related to assembly tools and solutions. As one example, for many years our team of sales, marketing and application specialists have provided hundreds of fastening seminars to educate our customers on the “nuts and bolts” of torque theory, the threaded fastener and the tightening process, which are critical to production quality in the modern world of assembly. Following this same basic principle, we are excited to introduce the new Atlas Copco Seminar Series on Press Theory.

In many applications, pressing parts together is an excellent method of assembly due to its simplicity, reliability and cost-efficiency. However, without a basic understanding of the mechanical principles involved in a pressing operation, including the effects of friction and type of material being assembled, the integrity of the finished product can be easily compromised. In addition, implementing the right tooling and control methods are critical to ensure proper assembly and avoid expensive rework or quality issues. Our new Press Theory seminar covers all these subjects and more, with the ultimate goal of optimizing the customer’s press process while improving the overall quality of the finished product.

For an introduction to Press Theory, we invite you to view our free Seminar Series webinar, which can be accessed on demand via the Atlas Copco USA YouTube channel. Click here to watch now!

Interested in learning more? Our team of experts will come to you! We are pleased to offer Press Theory classroom training, complete with interactive application examples, hands-on experience and Q&A. Contact us today to schedule a seminar at your facility!

For more information on PST, Atlas Copco’s state-of-the-art press solution, please visit our website or contact us for a product demo.