Atlas Copco press offering expands with the PST100

Atlas Copco press systems have raised the bar for error-proofing in pressed assemblies. We have been able to take our expertise in torque applications and apply it to presses, creating a system that can accurately control the speed and force used in press applications with precision, as well as the ability to monitor the progress of a press to ensure that the product has not only been pressed to the correct force, but that it arrived at that force the right way.

The combination of this unmatched press technology and our application expertise has proven to be a winning combination in the marketplace, with Atlas Copco establishing itself as a leader in Press systems. We Pressare now excited to announce that the Atlas Copco press offering is expanding further, with the addition of the PST100 spindle.

Capable of pressing up to 100 kN, the PST100 increases the range of our press capability without sacrificing any of the benefits. Similar to the rest of our press line, the PST100 features an incredibly durable spindle design. This durability is especially important in larger press sizes, given the huge amounts of force being generated.

The PST100 is often an option that is needed for larger industry, such as production of construction, agricultural or mining equipment. Presses can be used in these industries for a variety of applications, such as accurately pushing large pins or bearings. These operations are often critical and currently have very little error-proofing, being performed with press options that provide little to no control and zero data of the job that was performed.

The PST100 is also capable of being mounted into some of our new Press workstation solutions, primarily our H-frame option. These solutions provide a simple, standard configuration for mounting and operating our press spindles, reducing the dependence on a custom-designed solution every time a new press system is implemented. For smaller press options, bench-mounted C-frame options are also available in our press workstation solution offering.

For more information on our PST100 or the Atlas Copco press product offering in general, please contact us today.

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