Turbine grinders – product evolution


What has ten years of evolution meant for Atlas Copco Turbine Grinders? It means that our GTG21 with a 2.8Hp motor has been upgraded to our GTG25 with a 3.4Hp motor, resulting in 21% more power and reducing operation time by 40%. Just as exciting: investment payback is only 4 days!

When it comes to power, performance and ergonomics, the GTG25 Angle Turbine Grinder sets the standard. More efficient than a conventional vane grinder motor, the tool is powered by cutting-edge turbine technology that provides unmatched material removal capabilities on the roughest surfaces.

The GTG25 Angle Turbine Grinder is packed with features that enhance safety and operator comfort while optimizing process speed. Since the job is done faster, the total energy consumption is significantly lower.

Values and benefits

  • Unmatched power-to-weight ratio and productivity for shorter process times
  • Highest material removal rate in its class
  • Reduced risk of vibration-related injuries
  • Increased operator comfort
  • Increased accessibility

Please visit our air GTG 25 webpage today for more information!

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