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Atlas Copco recently published a series of informative, educational webinars. Each webinar provided information on a different topic that is important to many manufacturers. These webinars were free of charge, and the initiative by Atlas Copco to provide useful information to the marketplace was very well received. Because of the benefit offered by these webinars, Atlas Copco has made them available on demand.

Our first webinar is related to reaction forces and the potential ergonomic impact on operators. This webinar explains possible side effects of high reaction forces, as well as some strategies that can be used to mitigate torque reaction exposure to operators.

Click here to watch our webinar – Reaction forces

The second webinar published is related to operator influence on quality. Even when using a sophisticated electric tool that is capable of providing high level error-proofing, it is possible for operators to impact production quality. This webinar delves into how that can happen, and strategies to combat this influence.

Click here to watch our webinar – Operator influence on quality

Finally, our third webinar deals specifically with vibration. Prolonged exposure to vibration can cause serious and irreversible side effects for operators. Here we provide an understanding of how to measure vibration exposure, how to limit exposure to high levels of vibration, and what the potential long-term effects of vibration exposure can be.

Click here to watch our webinar – Vibration exposure

We hope the information contained within proves to be useful. If additional information is needed after viewing, please contact us.

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