Visit our new and improved air motor webpage


Atlas Copco has a new webpage dedicated to air motors! The air motor market is unique, where users of air motors are typically integrating them into larger pieces of equipment, and have very specific needs for the motors they select. Our new air motor page increases the amount of information digitally available about our motors, while also simplifying the user experience for users.

When visiting our air motor page, traditional information like product specifications are there, but there are also some unique new functions that will help users find the information they need:

  • An air motor selection tool that simplifies which air motor should be used in a process.
  • Access to pages that detail different industry segments, and which air motors can be used in each.
  • Technical guides on how to specify and apply air motors.
  • Video content that introduces visitors to the Atlas Copco range of air motors.



The Atlas Copco range of air motors continues to grow, and our air motors are known for their market-leading quality. Features in our air motors, such as motor vanes that can run without lubrication, provide users with a long-lasting and reliable air motor. When a product is designed into a piece of equipment and is relied on to keep that equipment running, that quality and reliability is invaluable.

Please visit our air motor website today for more information!

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