Benefits to upgrading from ToolsNet 3000 or 4000 to the new ToolsNet 8

ToolsNet 3000 and ToolsNet 4000 have long made Atlas Copco industry leaders in the collection of torque data. Using these software packages, we have been able to collect and store all torque data from a plant, and even tie that data to product VIN or serial numbers, which creates an accTN Rendering.pngurate record of every assembly done on that specific product.

With the advent of Industry 4.0, there is a growing objective to make decisions using the big data generated by devices on factory floors, such as torque tools. To maintain our leadership position in data collection, we have updated our ToolsNet software to its current version, ToolsNet 8.

ToolsNet 8 software greatly increases our ability to analyze torque data, in order to find trends and pro-actively use all of the data being constantly collected to improve manufacturing quality and efficiency. ToolsNet 8 is still the user-friendly, web-based software that users of previous versions are accustomed to, but now there are several new features within ToolsNet 8 that make higher level data analytics possible:

  • A customizable dashboard for each user that shows the critical data they need to see as soon as they log into the system.
  • A notification center that allows for instant notifications of production issues via text or email.
  • A statistics center that simplifies the gathering and analysis of statistical process control data.
  • Advanced trace analysis tools for overlaying multiple traces and analyzing where production issues might be occurring.
  • Reference traces that can be used to pro-actively confirm accurate production.
  • A command center that puts the full scope of ToolsNet performance in one location, and greatly improves the ease of supporting the ToolsNet database with tools such as the ToolsNet health overview.
  • A database archiving module that automatically archives production results and makes database maintenance much simpler and easier.


With these exciting developments, ToolsNet 8 has become the new leader in data collection and analytics for torque data. Please contact us for more information, or to set up an on-line test installation of ToolsNet 8!

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