Virtual reality providing interesting new opportunities to “demo” solutions

We live in a digital age. Communication and information gathering are largely carried out digitally in today’s world. Similarly, many of the new products that Atlas Copco offers are no longer physical, but digital. We offer software products that improve error-proofing in a station, allow for better control of factory-wide tool programming, and collect and analyze data to provide the tools to make better, more informed decisions. We also offer the maintenance and support services to ensure that software runs correctly and that its utility is maximized.

A natural extension of this digitization in our industry is the digitization of how weVirtual-Reality_1024x1024 are able to show customers the value and benefit of our products through demonstrations. One new frontier in product demonstrations we are now using is virtual reality. Within a virtual manufacturing environment, we can easily display how digital products and services can be used to improve processes and drive cost savings.

In some cases, the alternative to a virtual demonstration of software is an online demonstration that jumps right to full installation mode before an organization is ready to take that on. Software demonstrations often require multiple departments to come together to make an installation work. When cost savings have been validated, and the return on investment is known, the work to install software in a facility is well worth the time and effort. But the purpose of the demonstration is to validate those cost savings, and in that case, a simpler and faster demonstration of the product is a huge benefit.

The use of virtual reality can allow just that. It gives a manufacturer an opportunity to see what a product would look like on a plant floor, without having to make the effort of immediately installing it on their own assembly line.

Please ask about opportunities to digitally review the capability of products when you are looking at opportunities to make improvements to your manufacturing processes. It may save you time and money in the discovery of new products, and get you to a defined return on investment faster!

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