Ask for a tool demo to see customer values firsthand!

At Atlas Copco, we often work with our customers and partners to help them transform their manufacturing processes. In many cases, this means upgrading their tooling to something more sophisticated, taking advantage of technology and creating smarter, more connected environments. The benefits of these smarter systems are clear: increased efficiency, improved product quality and the improved ability to gather data about manufacturing processes to drive continuous improvement.

Tool Demo_1400

The drawback to this upgrade, though, is that smarter systems often means a much higher level of system complexity. Where tools used to stand alone in a manufacturing workstation, now they are connected to the rest of the factory and require software programming for both the setup and maintenance of these new connections. Investing in this new technology and committing to new manufacturing processes is a huge step, and not one to be taken lightly.

In order to validate that the hard work of implementing new systems and processes will be of value, you must first look at the potential return on investment in doing so. What is the benefit of improving efficiency, in terms of labor hours saved? How much can the cost of scrap and rework be reduced? And how does that measure up against the cost of implementing a new system? Once the potential return has been calculated, if it will have a positive impact, the next step is to request a demonstration system and put it on the assembly line to verify that the ROI can be achieved. Running a tool in production is the best way to get a feel for it and to ensure that the potential savings from using it can be realized.

As you evaluate your processes and look for improvements, please contact us to use our expertise in tooling to your advantage. If we are able to find an opportunity for cost savings, request a demo to verify those savings are real, and the investment will be worthwhile.

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