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Atlas Copco Tools and Assembly Systems supplies the manufacturing industry with assembly tools and solutions of all levels of complexity, from pneumatic tightening tools and simple click wrenches to advanced, multi-spindle fixtured systems. In fact, every third automobile produced in the world is assembled with Atlas Copco tools!

Powering Industry 4.0
Atlas Copco is powering Industry 4.0 manufacturing throughout the world with smart connected, wireless assembly tools and solutions, as well as services to keep our customers’ tooling and processes up and running as efficiently as the day they got them. Smart Connected Assembly, our vision for Industry 4.0 manufacturing, is the guiding force behind our product and solution offering. Highlighted customer values include decreased energy usage, reduced defects, increased uptime and improved productivity.

Quality Assured
Atlas Copco’s newly launched QA Platform 4.0 is the next generation of Quality Assurance products for today’s fast paced, ever-changing production environment. QA Platform 4.0 products include flexible, interconnected, innovative solutions to support competitive, modern manufacturing. Thanks to the flexibility of the platform, maintenance is performed at the right time, in a reliable way and with an easy configuration for each application. This helps our customers increase uptime, handle new product introductions easily and reduce defects.

We’re Hitting the Road!
Thanks to our Smart Connected Assembly Roadshow, we’re taking our Industry 4.0 enabled assembly tools and solutions across North America, directly to our customers to experience firsthand. Response has been outstanding so far in the early stage of the tour. If you would like your team to see our Smart Connected Solutions in person, contact us to book a Roadshow visit at your facility.

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