PST Featured in Assembly Magazine

Atlas Copco is truly a market leader in assembly. While we’re best known for assembly of bolted joints and continue to provide new and innovative solutions for torque, we can also provide solutions for a variety of other assembly applications. A prime example of Atlas Copco’s branching into other assembly fields are our Press Solutions.

To build awareness for our press system, the Atlas Copco PST range of presses is being featured in Assembly Magazine, with an overview of the different press solutions available in the Atlas Copco range. Our partnership with Assembly Magazine will help us spread the word of the PST from Atlas Copco, and build awareness of how we are providing best-in-class press solutions in addition to the torque tools that we’ve become so well known for. PST.jpg

The Atlas Copco PST provides unparalleled error-proofing capability for applications that require products to be pressed to either a specific force, or to a defined distance. Our PST line of servo-driven presses can accurately control the speed and force that it uses in a press application with extreme precision. With our press system, we are also able to monitor the progress of the press to make sure it follows a “roadmap”. Using this feature, we can ensure that a product is pressed to the correct force, but that arrived at that force in the right way. 

We can also bring our top flight application knowledge and service to bear on pressing applications. We are available to be on site for a demonstration, a pressing seminar, or a line walk to determine potential applications for our pressing tools. 

If you’re interested in learning more about Atlas Copco press solutions, please take a look at Assembly Magazine!  

If think you might have a need for improved error-proofing, ergonomics, or productivity in a press application, contact us today to schedule a visit to your facility!

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