Gain a competitive advantage in quality with Atlas Copco’s QA Supervisor Software

Data is becoming one of our most crucial resources. “Big data” centers are springing up as we rely more and more on real-time information. Quality assurance is no different. Knowing about an inspection failure or retrieving history data quickly can be a significant competitive advantage for manufacturers.

Atlas Copco’s QA Supervisor is our latest software for quality data management and it was designed to create this competitive advantage for our partners.

QA Supervisor is a web-based software, which means that it can be accessed from any computer using a company’s corporate network regardless of the location of QA.pngthe person accessing it. No installation is needed on an operator’s computer, as QA Supervisor is installed on a server and only requires a web browser to be used. Any software upgrade on the server is automatically available to any user connected to it.

QA Supervisor users can retrieve test results at any time. The software connects wirelessly to quality devices like our STpad data analyzer and STbench for tool audits. For larger plants, this will greatly increase operator efficiency – they no longer need to return their devices to a central location to download data.

Analyzing data during an audit is simplified by the platform’s innovative navigation panes. Looking at a tool, an operator can instantly see which joints are tightened with that tool, joint specs, and inspections that have been performed on the joint. All of this is completed without ever leaving a single screen on the software.

All data changes are tracked so that operators can “go back in time” and look at which specs were used in the past. From there, one single click can restore those specs back for use in future inspections.

All these innovations make QA Supervisor ready for the industry 4.0 world we live in. If you would be interested in learning more about our software, please contact Atlas Copco today!

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