Try a custom demo of SQS station control software on your line

Industry 4.0 is no longer a buzzword. It is quickly becoming an integral element of the way that manufacturers operate. In every manufacturing sector, companies are looking for ways to automate in an intelligent way, and for ways to collect data and then use it to make better decisions in their manufacturing processes.

Smart Connected Assembly from Atlas Copco is the combination of tools and software that make the vision of Industry 4.0 possible in assembly processes. For years, we have provided tools that can error-proof at the bolt level: Our tools can make sure that each bolt is tightened correctly, and that no components in an assembly are missing. Our Power Focus 6000 controller now takes error-proofing to new levels.

What is new to our Smart Connected Assembly package is the ability to error-proof an assembly at the process level. Now we can not only ensure that a bolt was tightened correctly; but we can ensure it was tightened in the right location, at theSQS.png right time, in the right sequence, and even by the right operator. This level of process control is driven by our SQS Single Quality Solution software.

Atlas Copco SQS software provides visual work instructions to operators to help them perform their job correctly. It also interacts with other systems in an assembly cell, serving as an error-proofing hub that can enable and disable equipment in a workstation at the correct time to control an assembly process. Perhaps best of all, the software is easily configurable and scalable, functional in a single workstation or across an entire plant.

We support our SQS software with an extensive field service network, and that also allows us to set up online demos when needed. If you see an opportunity to improve your operation through the use of Smart Connected Assembly and Industry 4.0, please contact us today to visit your facility!



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