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Our customers’ job is to be experts in their field. Whether that’s the building of cars, trucks, airplanes, washing machines, oil rigs, or cell phones, our customers are experts at what they do. But while our customers are experts in their field, most of them are not experts when it comes to torqueing bolts or screws. The Trainingscience of assembly is outside of their core competence, which is understandable. Torque applications are one of hundreds of complex processes that take place to turn raw material into any of the products manufactured by our customers.

Our job at Atlas Copco is to be an expert in the field of tooling, and that expertise can be leveraged by our customers to improve their understanding of the processes in their production. At Atlas Copco, we draw from a deep reserve of experience to provide training classes in the function of bolted joints, explaining the science of what happens when a bolt is tightened, and what can go wrong in that process. This knowledge can be invaluable in troubleshooting problems in an assembly operation, and can result in huge cost savings in quality issue resolution.

Torque theory training from Atlas Copco is one of many training courses that we offer. We can also provide training in the safe and proper use of tools to improve ergonomics for workers, or training in how to program tools. Tool programming training can cover basic programming technique for new adopters of electric tools, all the way up to advanced strategy programming training that will show more experienced users of our tools how to take full advantage of the systems they are using. There are a variety of problem-solving strategies that can be used with electric assembly tools that are often not used simply because of a lack of knowledge of how to program them.

Atlas Copco can also offer training on the proper use of air assembly tools, the safe and ergonomic use of grinders and other material removal tools, and maintenance courses on how to service various Atlas Copco tools. Training can be done on site at customer facilities, or centrally at one of our offices.

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