Improve your processes with a Tightening in Electronics seminar

Our MicroTorque tools and MicroTorque Focus 6000 controller are the foundation of our product offering for the Electronics and Low Torque Assembly segments. The MicroTorque system only scratches the surface of what we’re able to apply in these segments, and how we can assist manufacturers in improving low torque assembly processes. In order to show the full extent of equipment available to increase efficiency and quality, we are now offering Tightening in Electronics (TIE) seminars!


The Tightening in Electronics seminar is a small, portable roadshow, including equipment and presentation material that will provide attendees with a full picture of the different ways to improve assembly processes. We will review topics such as how to optimize assembly quality, how to maximize efficiency and what equipment options are available to do so.

In looking at improving torque quality in electronics, we’re able to use our MicroTorque system to error-proof tool torque. However, in our TIE seminar, we’re also able to demonstrate how a positioning system can be used to make sure the right sequence of screws is being followed, and how an LED template can be used to identify screw locations and prevent operator error.

On the production efficiency side, in the TIE seminar, we’re able to present torque strategies that will speed up the run time per screw and ensure right first time assembly to reduce rework and repair time in an assembly station. We’re also able to demonstrate accessory items like screw presenters that can also be used to improve productivity and finally, we can present other general concepts related to assembly efficiency improvements in an educational format.

Taken as a whole, the Tightening in Electronics seminar is a fantastic way to gain a great deal of knowledge in a short amount of time about options that are available to improve both efficiency and quality in low torque assembly applications.

Please contact us today to schedule a seminar at your facility!

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