Revolutionary new low reaction assembly tools from Atlas Copco

Low Reaction Tools_LRT_1400Atlas Copco is introducing two new low reaction tools that are revolutionizing what is possible in assembly! Several years ago, Atlas Copco launched tools with the TurboTight feature, which could be used to reduce the torque reaction felt by operators in assembly operations, and was especially effective when used on hard joints. These new tools provide additional features that can be used to reduce operator exposure to torque reaction forces. Improving operator ergonomics is proven to not only reduce the cost related to operator injuries and medical costs, but also improve employee morale and productivity.

Our TBP battery pulse tool makes use of the unmatched engineering capability of Atlas Copco, combining a traditional hydraulic pulse unit found in our pneumatic pulse tools with a high-speed electric motor to provide a unique, productive tool that operators can run without experiencing any torque reaction forces. While it runs like a traditional pulse tool, the tool also connects to our Power Focus 6000 controller and is capable of all the data collection and error-proofing that a traditional electric assembly tool is. While it is currently capable of running up to 55 Nm of torque, with larger models slated for release later this year, the TBP offers a game-changing mix of productivity, ergonomics and error-proofing.

At the same time, Atlas Copco is also launching a smaller pistol grip tool called the SRB, which also features low reaction as a customer value. The SRB is a very small, compact battery tool. Where pistol grip tools were previously limited to 12 Nm of torque because of concerns over torque reaction, the SRB is now capable of running up to 25 Nm because of a new Tensor Pulse strategy. The Tensor Pulse strategy uses motor impulses to reduce the amount of torque reaction felt by the operator and allows the tool to run at higher torques than were previously possible with a one-handed pistol grip tool. Like the TBP, the SRB tool offers all of the same error-proofing capability as a traditional electric tool, with the added benefit of being able to run to higher torques, one-handed.

Contact us for a demo or visit our website for more information on our low reaction tools.

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