Smart and connected – The MicroTorque Focus 6000

Microtorque Focus 6000_1400The MicroTorque Focus 6000, or MTF6000, is the latest low-torque electric tool controller from Atlas Copco. There is now a small screwdriver that is truly able to exist in a networked environment and communicate with the devices and software around it! It fully aligns with Smart Connected Assembly, our vision of Industry 4.0.

Industry 4.0 is a term that is becoming more prevalent in the manufacturing industry every day. For manufacturers, understanding the concepts related to Industry 4.0 and how those concepts are changing manufacturing processes is becoming more and more important. Applying these industry 4.0 practices to improve efficiency and production quality is becoming necessary to avoid falling behind the competition. In assembly applications, this means investigating assembly tools that are collecting data, error-proofing assembly processes, and connected to the larger plant network.

While Atlas Copco has offered Smart Connected Assembly tools for years, the new MTF6000 fills a gap for extremely low torque applications. The controller is capable of connecting to tools with capability below 1 in-lb of torque, features traditional error-proofing capability such as torque control and angle monitoring, and also contains new error-proofing features such as the seating control strategy, which detects the point where a screw has seated to ensure we get no strip-outs or floating screws. Once a cycle is completed, the MTF6000 has the capability to export that torque data to other systems.

The MTF6000 controller for low torque applications is the latest in a string of smart, connected devices from Atlas Copco. It comes on the heels of the launch of our Power Focus 6000 tool controller for higher torque applications, and our SQS station control software for station-level error-proofing. Altogether, these smart connected devices combine to create a platform from Atlas Copco capable of providing error-proofing solutions for any manufacturer, fully aligned with our vision of Industry 4.0.

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