Atlas Copco exhibits at the AWEA Wind Show

AWEA_1400Atlas Copco recently had a booth at the AWEA Windpower Expo for the 5th consecutive year, where we displayed new and innovative assembly tools focused on the wind industry. The AWEA Windpower Expo is a premier event in the wind industry and is attended by professionals from wind and renewable energy from all over the world.

The wind industry is steadily growing. It provides a larger share of energy to the world every year, and Atlas Copco is contributing exciting new technology to this development. Atlas Copco has been able to update the electric assembly tools that are a standard in manufacturing for use in wind energy. There are unique challenges in this field, including very high torque levels on large bolts, and limited access to some of those bolts.

Atlas Copco is now providing electric assembly tools capable of tightening up to 6,000 ft-lbs, and battery tools up to 600 ft-lbs. These tools run significantly faster than the hydraulic tools commonly used on low access applications. They also collect and store critical torque data, keeping a record of quality assemblies that were completed. These tools are now used in both wind manufacturing and field operations, creating value and high-quality assembly all the way down the value chain.

Our electric and battery tools were the centerpiece of our display at the AWEA Windpower Expo, but we also displayed more traditional hydraulic bolt tensioners, as well as pneumatic and hydraulic torque tools, for applications where those options are a better fit. The assembly tool portfolio at Atlas Copco is the broadest in the market, with an unmatched variety of tools that allows us to specify the right tool for the right application.

If you are interested in seeing any of these tools, or even testing any of these tools in the field to verify the benefits of running an electric assembly tool in wind operations, please contact us today!

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