Did you miss our ‘Tightening ergonomics’ webinar? You can still view it!

Ergonomic Webinar_1400Ben Hanawalt, product specialist for Atlas Copco electric assembly tools, recently conducted a webinar on what ergonomics are, why ergonomics are important and how the new Atlas Copco strategy TurboTight can improve an assembly station’s ergonomics. This webinar was open to the public and free of charge. The goal of the webinar was to increase our partners’ knowledge of ergonomics in assembly applications.

Ergonomic issues can create significant costs for manufacturers, and improving ergonomic conditions also helps to improve productivity and employee morale. With decades of industry experience, Atlas Copco is uniquely positioned to provide insight on strategies to improve ergonomic conditions in assembly. There are a variety of strategies that can be used, from tool programming and strategies to new and better ways to hold tools for operators.

If you would be interested in seeing this webinar but were unable to attend it live, have no fear! You can view the recorded webinar here. This type of presentation is also something that can be done on-site at your facility. In addition to a seminar on ergonomics, we can also cover key assembly topics like torque theory and error-proofing, to provide the knowledge needed to improve assembly processes. These seminars are free of charge and can be scheduled by contacting us.

Watch the webinar here!

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