Atlas Copco Service Olympics a hit

The Atlas Copco Service organization is holding an ongoing event that spans the globe and tests the capability of our best and brightest service technicians. The Atlas Copco Service Olympics is held every two years and gives our technicians a chance to prove that they truly are the best in the world at what they do!Service Olympics_1400

Our technicians compete in five different categories:

  • Electric handheld tool troubleshooting and repair
  • Electric fixtured system troubleshooting and repair
  • Low torque electric system troubleshooting and repair
  • Pneumatic tool troubleshooting and repair
  • Customer value propositions, which judges the members of our Service organization on their ability to show how our Service solutions will contribute to our customers’ bottom lines

The Service Olympics are held in three stages. First, every country competes internally, to identify their best contenders in each of the five categories. Next, there are three regional events – in the USA, Europe, and Asia – where the best and brightest from each region compete against each other. From each of the three regions, a winner will emerge for each category.

Finally, those winners will travel to our corporate headquarters in Sweden to compete in the final leg of the Service Olympics. Five gold medalists will be crowned as the ultimate service technicians within Atlas Copco around the world.

The Service Olympics has proven to be much more than a fun way to test our technicians’ capabilities with different products. Our Service offering and the added value we offer to our customers not only with our tools, but also with our ability to cost-effectively maintain and optimize those tools, is often a differentiating factor when a decision is made to use Atlas Copco tools. Our technicians take pride in their role in reducing customer downtime and maximizing production efficiency. The Service Olympics event has reinforced that pride within our Service organization and has inspired our technicians to continue to strive for improvement.

The next time you see someone from our Service department, check with them on what else we can do to help you improve production quality or efficiency through the unique skills and perspectives we can offer!

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