Introducing the PTI Pulse tool from Atlas Copco

Hydraulic pulse tools are commonplace in factories around the world. As a low-reaction tool that can be run to high torque, yet still held in one hand by an operator without the risk of injury, pulse tools fill critical needs in many plants where a low reaction option is needed.PTI_1400

The biggest challenge for manufacturers who use pulse tools is maintenance. The hydraulic oil in pulse tools requires frequent changing, and this process can be challenging; tools need to come out of service, causing downtime, technicians often need to be scheduled to facilitate the maintenance, and to top it off, the oil smells terrible when maintenance is performed and the tools are disassembled. This maintenance has been a necessary evil of pulse tools since they were introduced to the market… until now.

The PTI pulse tool is revolutionary in its ability to reduce the frequency of maintenance. Innovative, patented technology in the tool’s pulse unit keeps the hydraulic oil intact longer, creating a much longer time period between oil changes. In fact, the PTI can last up to five times longer between oil changes than our previous generation of pulse tool!

Improved durability means the PTI can also be used in some applications that were previously a no-go for pulse tools. Soft joints that require a lot of rotation to fully torque a bolt after they have been seated have always been a challenge for pulse tools. They cause the tools to pulse too many times after the bolt has been seated, leading to premature maintenance requirements.

While a PTI pulse tool will still need to be maintained sooner when run on a soft joint compared to a hard joint, the improved durability of the pulse unit means that in some of these applications, the time between oil changes will now be in an acceptable window. This increases the number of different applications the tool can be used on.

For more information on the PTI pulse tool from Atlas Copco,  or to arrange a test at your own facility, please visit our website or contact us today!

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