Introducing the STbench from Atlas Copco

STbench_03LDQuality assurance is a critical part of any tightening operation. We use sophisticated electric tools to assemble joints accurately and to error-proof operations to make sure there are no defects in the parts being produced. To close that loop, we need quality assurance to check the tools being used and confirm that they are operating correctly.

The STbench from Atlas Copco provides a cutting-edge solution for those tooling audits. As a mobile solution equipped with multiple transducers and joint simulators, the STbench can be used in a tool crib or on a factory floor to perform simple tool validations, electric tool calibrations, or Cm/Cmk analyses. The STbench can either host a PC or the new data collector from Atlas Copco, the STpad. The STpad can be mounted directly on the STbench to serve as the STbench user interface, but it can also be removed and used as a standalone device, adding flexibility to quality assurance operations.

Both the STbench and the STpad can be programmed and send results to the latest QA Supervisor software, which simplifies quality processes and is intuitive for operators to use. The software runs on a server and can be accessed via web browser from any computer connected to the plant network. No extra software needs to be installed to access quality assurance data.

One of the largest challenges we face in quality operations is how to audit tools. The ideal way to audit tools is directly on the applications where they are used, which ensures that the unique properties of an application are accounted for when a tool is validated or calibrated. However, on-line audits are often not possible, resulting in tools being validated in a crib, on a test joint that could be much different than what the tool will be running on in production.

The STbench also solves this issue with a unique, wet hydraulic break that can precisely simulate a full range of joints. By simulating the on-line joint, quality assurance operators can be confident that the tools they are certifying in a tool crib will still function properly when they reach their final destination on the shop floor.

For more information on the STbench, STpad, or any of our other quality assurance products, please visit our website or contact Atlas Copco today!

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