Recent installation of Atlas Copco tools shows the value of Smart Connected Assembly


A manufacturing partner of Atlas Copco’s recently announced they were building a new assembly line to build a new model of high-pressure compressors. Torque methods in the facility had been very basic: primarily air tools followed by click wrenches to assure torque quality. While these methods had been effective for our partner in the past, they were heavily reliant on operator knowledge of the product and operation, and our partner wanted to ensure that any operator would be able to step onto this new production line and build compressors with zero defects.

Atlas Copco was able to present a robust error-proofing solution that would speed up the ramp-up of this new product introduction. By using a fully error-proofed assembly system that included Power Focus 6000 controllers, Tensor STR tools, and SQS operator guidance and station control software, operators were easily able to work through assembly processes without needing extensive training. If an operator tried to go outside of the standard operating procedure, the error-proofing systems in place in the Power Focus and SQS software caught those potential errors when they happened, avoiding potentially costly rework after the assembly was complete.

This installation was a wonderful example of the Atlas Copco Smart Connected Assembly concept at work. We were able to add value to a new product introduction by improving the level of quality in assembly, improving the human interaction with torque devices, and improving production efficiency through right first time assembly. The Power Focus 6000, SQS software, and other Atlas Copco systems can be demonstrated on-site. Please contact us today if you’re interested in learning more!


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