Atlas Copco presses bring the value of our torque tools to press applications

PressFor years, Atlas Copco Tools and Assembly Systems has been a market leader in torque applications. We’ve done so by providing unique and innovative tools to our partners in manufacturing. One of the core aspects of an Atlas Copco tool is its ability to error-proof applications.

As our torque tools have become more sophisticated, so has our ability to error-proof an assembly process. We’ve moved from torque control to angle monitoring to error-proofing strategies like post view torque, snug gradient, and seating control.

Atlas Copco is now introducing an exciting new product to our assembly portfolio that applies all the error-proofing capability we have in our torque tools to our pressing applications. Our PST line of servo-driven presses can accurately control the speed and force that they use in a press application with extreme precision. The tool controller for the PST range also provides advanced error-proofing, with the ability to monitor the progress of a press to make sure it follows a “roadmap”. Using this feature, we can ensure that a product was pressed to the correct force, and that it arrived at that force the right way.

The features that have been typical in Atlas Copco torque tools beyond error-proofing are also present in our presses. The press spindle is built with a gear-driven planetary roller screw, making it incredibly durable. The press controller has a built-in PLC and commonality with our Atlas Copco assembly tools to maximize productivity in an installation. Its compact size also makes it easy to install in a variety of applications and configurations.

Finally, we can bring our top flight application knowledge and service to bear on pressing applications. We are available to be on site for a demonstration, a pressing seminar, or a line walk to determine potential applications for our pressing tools.

If you have a need for improved error-proofing, ergonomics, or productivity in a press application, contact us today for more information!

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